Item #: RPC-XXX


Remains of an RPC-XXX-1s skull .

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: The cell is to be outfitted with gas emission systems capable of outputting 6 liters of Penthrane. An instance RPC-XXX-1 is to be contained in a standard medium security cell compliant with Authority regulations. A deposited assortment of precious gems and noble metals are to be deployed within the cell using a secure chute. In the event of RPC-XXX breaching containment, Protocol-16 Lima is to be immediately enacted.

Description: RPC-XXX is a parasitic organism that causes infected individuals to restrict themselves to a diet of gems and other rare metals. RPC-XXX-1, following initial infection, will begin to lose their teeth and will be replaced by ████████ within a few days (or hours). The symptoms of the infection become apparent when pink-crystal forms begin to appear around the human body, which a crystallized form may weigh about ██ kilograms. RPC-XXX will only infect humans; there are currently no recorded instances of infected animals. Individuals infected with RPC-XXX are classified as RPC-XXX-1.

After RPC-XXX-1 has consumed enough sufficient materials, sporadic growths of crystals will occur, and the subject will begin to transform into an unknown type of organism. The organism will appear formless until it is required to walk. It will then proceed to create a face and four legs, each with two hands. The only resemblance to the host is the face of the newly created body.

RPC-XXX is only able to infect one host at a time. RPC-XXXs crystals will expand onto a host's entire body within a yearly time period, which is considered a state of "maturity" for RPC-XXX. RPC-XXX has shown no bias or pattern for its host. RPC-XXX will shoot off crystals growing on RPC-XXX-1's body using a build-up of gas in RPC-XXX roots at the end of each crystal in hopes of infecting a single person with RPC-XXX. If this process is successful in infecting another individual, then the previous host will die through anomalous means. Following three months of initial exposure RPC-XXX will take complete control of the brain of RPC-XXX-1.

RPC-XXX, upon taking over the RPC-XXX-1 as a host, will act entirely as a sapient entity and will attempt to communicate through the main language that RPC-XXX-1 has knowledge of. Any attempts to communicate with RPC-XXX is to be limited to Interviews that are approved by Head (or Chief) Researcher █████ when RPC-XXX has completely taken over RPC-XXX-1. Only one successful Interview with RPC-XXX has occurred, due to RPC-XXX's habit of attempting to escape. During the interview of RPC-XXX, it was revealed that RPC-XXX knows ████████ Further interviews must be approved by O5 command.

Addendum: Recovery Log RPC-XXX: RPC-XXX was discovered in ███████, England, in 19██ The Authority was notified of RPC-XXX's existence when RPC-XXX-1 was discovered by Agent █████ while an instance of RPC-XXX-1 was attempting to rob a jewelry store.

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