Object Number: A-017

Containment Requirements: Medium

Danger Level: High

Containment Procedures: A-017-A and A-017-B are currently located in a modified standard human containment chamber at Site-12. Sedative gasses should be exposed to A-017-A in order to decrease aggressive behavior and attempted breaches. The subject is to be exposed to tear gas in the event of an attempted breach. In the event of a breach, A-017-B is to be temporarily deactivated using a remote EMP. This deactivation will leave A-017-A immobile for enough time to be re-contained.

Description: A-017-A is a 112 year old, Caucasian male, previously the owner and manager of the Plexett incorporated technology company. A-017-A is equipped with a reality-bending harness, designated A-017-B, able to prolong his life greatly as well as give telekinetic control over nearby solid and liquid matter up to 3 meters away from the subject. A-017-A is able to consciously move and interact with nearby matter, allowing him to easily breach from containment. It has been found that A-017-A has little to no control over gaseous substances, allowing for their use during containment.

A-017-B is still not fully understood, although it appears to obtain its anomalous effects through a previously unknown powder-like substance. This powder, designated A-017-S, emits an aura of destabilized reality, allowing for the direct area around the powder to be remotely manipulated using advanced technology. Attempts to recreate the harness have failed, and attempting to remove it from A-017-A is likely to cause severe damage to both A-017-B and A-017-A.

The following log was recorded a few days after A-017-A was captured. The subject was heavily sedated, provided with several drugs designed to force compliance and truthful answers. Although the subject was rather rude, A-017-A still complied and gave lengthy, truthful answers. It should be noted that when A-017-A is not sedated, the subject becomes highly aggressive and hateful towards GEAR employees.

Log A-017-1, date 7-9-2018
Interviewed: A-017-A
Interviewer: Researcher Davis
Begin Log:

Researcher Davis: Hello, my name is researcher Davis. I’d like to ask you a few questions.

A-017-A: Fine, but make it snappy.

Researcher Davis: For the record, please give your name and designation.

A-017-A: John Plexett, A-017-A.

Researcher Davis: Could you please explain your harness and its relationship with Plexett incorporated?

A-017-A: You already know this shit. Why are you wasting my time by asking unnecessary garbage?

Researcher Davis: We are asking for documentation purposes. Please comply and answer the questions truthfully.

A-017-A: Fine. You want the long or the short of it? Because there is a lot of shit I don’t necessarily need to go into.

Researcher Davis: The long of it. Take as long as you need to get out all the information.

A-017-A: Well then, you’re getting my life story. Back in the 80s, Plexett incorporated was just an average tech company. We sold shittier but cheaper computers to people who couldn’t afford the good stuff. I put all the worst parts into the nicest looking cases. It still makes me laugh how it tricked all the stupid people into spending an extra few hundred dollars. It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows though. I used to be horribly paranoid. I was always in fear for my life, not knowing what was on the other side. My wife was always worried about me, telling me I should talk to a therapist. It wouldn’t have been worth the money though, the only therapist in the area being extremely overpriced.

Researcher Davis: Is this related to the harness or the powder?

A-017-A: Hold your fucking horses, man. You asked for the long story and you are going to get it. Anyway, I remember it being the worst when someone chucked a goddamn air conditioner out their window. The thing hit the ground just a few feet in front of me. I nearly had a panic attack on the sidewalk right there. I sued the shit out of that fucker and won every penny he owned. Anyway, by this time, I had already become fairly successful in the technology industry. My partner Jim really knew his shit when it came to running a business. He was able to grow our business very well, buying the right properties to get the best business. He later stepped down from that, opting to spend his time on the stock market. I slowly lost contact with him, but I still sent him his portions of the revenue.

Researcher Davis: We don’t have a lot of time left, so we may have to continue this story another time. We only have about 10 minutes left.

A-017-A: As long as you get the full story, I don’t mind. Anyway, where was I? By this time, my paranoia and fear of death continued to get worse, but I still think it was justified. I don’t really know what the afterlife will be, or any of those big answers. Imagine spending your entire life praying to Allah, just to find out strict Mormon Christianity was the only way to stay out of hell. I decided that I wouldn’t live my life in fear anymore. I had accumulated a large sum of money from the Plexett company by now, which allowed me to focus on researching ways to prolong my life. I had to keep all my research and discoveries secret in order to prevent an organization from stopping me or stealing my technology. I found the best researchers for the job, and set them to work. First, we attempted to research cryogenically freezing myself, but the technology was too risky. Most tests failed, and even the ones that succeeded were just lucky shots in the dark. I can’t gamble on something that only has a 1% chance of working. I was becoming old by now, and time was running out. I spent another year funding a multitude of other possible life-extending technologies, but nothing was showing any promise. At 80 years old, I developed a vicious cancer in my blood, practically incurable. I became desperate.

A-017-A: I fired all my researchers and poured a ton of money into scavenging. You always hear about strange objects that have special properties, ones that defy logic, but I never really thought much of them other than myths. But a man such as myself with wealth and power can get what he wants, myth or not. My scavengers found a lot of things, most of which was valuable, but not relevant the goal. Those objects did make good consumer products though, which is a story for another time. Anyway, the scavengers finally found something I could use.

A-017-A: It was a purple crystal with a mild effect. They found it in some crazy coal mine or something. The area around it was destabilized, in the sense that the reality was weaker. It could be easily manipulated by outside forces to an extent. By now, I was on my deathbed, buying my time. The cancer was slowly killing me from the inside, and I only had a short amount of time to live. I spent the entire rest of my savings on research into this crystal, and boy did it pay off. They were able to enhance the effect of the crystal, creating a larger field of effect and an even weaker reality. They were also able to recreate the crystal in the form of a powder, which you now call A-017-S if I’m not mistaken. My researchers built a machine capable of using the powder. The machine was very large and bulky, but it did the job. It was able to manipulate reality, able to move and transform matter, which is exactly what I needed.

A-017-A: So, they powered up the machine, and the researchers did all the proper inputs. I only have a vague understanding of how the machine worked, but I know that it was only really designed for stopping the cancer. The machine would later be used as a prototype for the harness I’m wearing right now, but I am getting ahead of myself.

A-017-A: The machine actually worked, and was able to reverse the effects of the cancer, although not completely. I had to be hooked on to the machine constantly in order to prevent the cancer from returning, but it still bought me the time to continue my work.

A-017-A: At this point, supplies were dwindling. My savings would only last me another few years at most, which would likely not be enough time to complete all my work. So, I used what I had access to and started producing consumer products using all the miscellaneous objects that my scavenger team found. I’m sure you’ve heard of them as they became very popular on the market. I actually had a consumer catalog of all the special items that I sold under Plexett. But the boost in popularity came at a cost. A lot of powerful people saw that I had access to anomalous items, and they wanted a piece of my metaphorical cake. Ultimately, you could probably guess what happened next.

Researcher Davis: GEAR captured you?

A-017-A: Yes, but not before I could finish my work. My researchers finally finished that damn harness, and boy did it work flawlessly. I remember the researchers once told me that the only downside was that they wouldn’t be able to take it off after putting it on, but it turns out that was a positive all along. Now I have leverage, a reason for you not to kill me. If you kill me, you kill your precious harness. And you need that harness working if you ever want to learn the technology. And as long as I'm alive, I know I will get out of this hell hole one day.

Researcher Davis: I think we are done here.

End log.

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