Trande’s Sandbox

Item #: RPC-x

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocol: RPC-x is to be kept in a containment chamber with basic humanoid amenities1The chamber is to be partitioned 5 meters away from a bullet-proof window, with another bullet-proof window set in the partition. This is to ensure that interviewers and other personnel are unaffected by the properties of RPC-x. Similarly, In-person contact with RPC-x is to be kept to a minimum. Interviews with RPC-x will be conducted via the speaker system set in the chamber.

All items, including MRE’s, will be wheeled in via conveyor belt, protected by a double gate system. A trash receptacle is to be installed in a corner of the chamber, emptied daily by a trap door system that connects to the Site’s trash disposal area.

Description: RPC-x is a humanoid entity bearing a somewhat muscular build with male characteristics, in addition to a bluish-grey pigmentation, and shoulder-length white hair. Above each eye of RPC-x is a black, horizontal line tattooed into the forehead. It is of note that RPC-x expresses a chronic dissatisfaction with Authority personnel, often making attempts at verbal abuse during interviews, utilizing vernacular associated with low income areas.

The anomalous effects of RPC-x manifest when an individual comes within at least 4 meters of the entity. Upon entering this range, the subject will begin to gradually perceive RPC-x as another individual at whose hands the subject has suffered physical or emotional trauma. The subject will also begin to perceive his/her environment as one associated with said trauma. At 4 meters, this alteration of perception completes in 1 minute, while at less than one meter the alteration completes in less than 10 seconds.

Addendum: As of Incident and Interview x-RL001, a new property of RPC-x has been discovered; after an individual has been exposed to the cognitohazardous effects of RPC-x for a total of 3 hours, the individual’s behavior will develop a resentment for figures of authority2, similar to that of RPC-x. Once removed from the presence of RPC-x, it is speculated that the acquired personality trait may fade over an extensive period of time, but will resurface under extreme stress. Individuals suffering this side effect are to be designated RPC-x-1.

Incident and Interview x-RL001:

Interviewer: Dr. Emerson

Interviewee: D-4003

Foreword: As RPC-x was being escorted to his containment chamber, D-class personnel D-4003 caught sight of the entity. Quickly entering an emotional breakdown, D-4003 then attempted to escape Authority custody, and was sedated by ASF personnel. Of particular was brought in for an interview.

Begin Log

Dr. Emerson: All right, let’s start.

D-4003: Uh…yeah, ok.

Dr. Emerson: I’m going to guess you know RPC-x. Is that it?

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