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Item #: RPC-XXX

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is contained in a standard containment storage locker in Site-11's RnD department.
Protocol Kitsis may be initiated for testing purposes at the direct approval of personnel with clearance level 3 or 4. Researchers must follow all guidelines required in the conceptualization process.
Under testing conditions, it is recommended to send one Class-D to determine whether the environmental conditions are safe for humans. Drones and mobile sensors are unable to stream any visual data as entering these instances operates beyond what our technological limitations can achieve. Future expeditions can extend towards operatives and research personnel if these conditions are met.

Description: RPC-XXX is a small, firm, octagonal glass piece fitted into an oval shaped golden ring. The size of the anomaly is 30 cm in length and 50 cm in width. Carbon dating of the anomaly dates back to pre-colonial America: roughly 1100. However the structure and nature of the anomaly are not consistent with the documented cultures which exist within our understanding of the known world.

The anomaly is a memetic object, capable of imprinting knowledge to its users. During initial testing, subjects described reading symbols or letters in an unknown language despite being unfamiliar to them. The longer subjects observe the anomaly, the more of the language they learn. Subjects are observed to enter a trance like state when using the object, claiming that they were able to 'sense' the words through sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing.

Exposure to RPC-XXX provides the affected users the means of producing anomalies through writing. These instances are designated RPC-XXX-A and will vary according to the content of the descriptions used in the writing process. While additional content can be written into these pages, the instances must have a consistent grammatical structure.

Creating RPC-XXX-A instances requires the subject to write in the language of RPC-XXX. The subject must start with a name and continue to describe the desired instance in a highly specific fashion, as detailed in Document-xx-1. If the instances does not have the specified requirements, the process will automatically filter out on its own after the binding process is finished.
If this procedure is not carried out as required, or any deviation from the format is made, the resulting created RPC-xxx-1 instance will become unstable and result in ████████████ which has caused ██ ████ to date. In addition, a majority of RPC-xxx-A instances will fail to generate properly should their description break the laws of physics and energy. There are a few notable exceptions to this rule however.1

Once description procedure has been completed, subject will place said description on any market available book stand, so long as it is either facing a doorway and/or gap between two walls.
Subjects must then repeat the trigger phrase out loud in order for the procedure to complete and the RPC-xxx-Doorway to materialize. Failure to do so has resulted in ██████ and must be approached with caution.2

The stability of each instances is heavily dependent on the grammar discerned by RPC-XXX. Several initial tests showed each experimental instances underwent drastic changes after exploring the bounded books. Bad descriptions and grammar can lead to even more impossible world instances, making them insufficient for human life.3

Addendum XXX-01:
Expeditions have been carried out by the authority to determine the nature of the anomalies for continuous research. Video logs have been recorded throughout these expeditions and confiscated for further observational studies. Expedition teams must confer to the resource department for acquisition during their trips into these instances for Authority benefit.
Books found with the same written language within these instances are to be confiscated and designated as RPC-XXX-B

NDI An organization that is like a more functional, competent, and humanist and defensive force version of Aperture Science.

Before the ‘NDI’ there was our cult, and before the cult there was our tribe. Our legends spoke of the discovery of [EXPUNGED], AKA: A-001. We found it while taking shelter within a glacier sometime during the stone age. The discovery carried a language not unlike our own, revealing hints of history and a past of humanity long since forgotten, with countless vague examples of extraordinary entities. For much of our history we ignored these old tales as nothing but ‘myths.’ However, as we learned more and more about our world, these descriptions grew more familiar and slowly the ‘myths’ became truth.

As time passed, we evolved. Conflicts with other tribes were constant and commonplace for the era, and many brought with them, objects and powers of their own. Some of which, we recognized from A-001. We grew in strength, intelligence, and cunning guile to surpass our foes, and taking from them the destructive powers they wielded against us. We found more of these objects described by A-001. We survived the throes of hardships, expanded our numbers, and grew to form a society of our own.

A new mindset was created due to A-001, and we came to be known as the ‘Heralds of the Dawn’ to the peoples. Using our innovative development, psychological evolution and the presence of these anomalies, did some our cult’s assets grow to become what would essentially be a part of the the popular mythological pantheons found throughout many civilizations of Eurasia. Caution dictated that the powers of these objects we claim to be from our gods though, were kept hidden from the public eye, lest greed and malice influences them to destroy us for these powers.

During the Bronze Age, humanity’s current understanding of the universe aligned to the mythological (or not so mythological) beliefs popularized at the time. From East to West, the Gallic Tribes to Rome, to the City States of Greece. Our own numbers grew, intermingling with our civilizations. Many of our followers became embroiled in managing society, delving into politics, knowing that surely, there was no need to hide anymore.

Overtime, the oppressive structures of stagnant societies gave birth to new systems and theocratic powers. Between the 5th century and 15th, our numbers were reduced and we were forced to enter into hiding. Society across Eurasia suffered from technological regression by these theocratic nations. (some of which, utilizing anomalies similar to what the Cults worships) And events like ‘witch hunts’ actively seek to cull practitioners of whatever deemed as heresy, out. Many of our practices remain, even though our occult or religious beliefs dwindled. it was not until modernization did we begin to regain our power, growth, and expand again.The experience we’ve endured during the dark ages were a primary motivation for us to guide Humanity as a whole. To halt misuse of powers and anomalies for fear of total societal regression, destruction of knowledge, or our very extinction due to mankind’s hubris and misunderstanding of the unknown as we suffered during the Dark Ages.

Around the end of the first World War, three thousand former members of the Freikorps came into contact with the cultists. After a growing number of anomalous influences around the world became much more prominent and use for warfare, the united occult formed offensive and defensive force with these mercenaries to create an effective offensive and defensive force. This eventually helped them become more modernized. With new science and understanding, they restructured their previous recorded instances to fit with today’s standards. Or at least, modernized version of their standards.

Their primary goal is to utilize anomalous instances to improve daily human living, their societal growth and technological advancement. With everything they learn from anomalies that they can use, they can also improve their own assets, tech, containment measures and termination methods. While the NDI is experienced with cooperation with these unusual instances or organizations that rely on them, they know that public knowledge could mean considerable destabilization and panic over logic defying entities that can interfere with their comfort, their daily lives, and their own understanding of the world around them, as history shows new discoveries and changes radically change the structure and course of human understanding and hierarchy. The NDI's goal is to ensure humanity's growth until they learn enough, and benefit from the tools the NDI utilizes for their benefit to ensure that when the time comes, they will be able to stand on their own in pursuit of knowledge and advancement.

Mission Statement:
Since the dawn of man, we’ve looked to the world and found it to be a terrifying, enigmatic, and powerful force of nature. Our failure to comprehend or understand the nature of the world forced us to delve into the dark shadows of the other side in order to grow. Whatever powers that come to be, they’ve helped us, hindered us, hunted us, retaliated because they, like everything else, are a part of the unknown world. We huddled in the dark, praying for salvation from the monsters. As the years went by however, we began to stand on our own.

The NDI operates both in the face of the public, and in secrecy. Dating our origins back to the ___, we’ve grown to revere the gifts we’ve received by whatever means. Back then, we were concerned with the world as we understood to be our home. Then we expanded our horizons, brought in cults from other parts of the world, other cultures, other beliefs, intermingling ideas that we’ve shared as our understanding of the world grew.

These anomalies defy all logic, reason, and laws of which humanity understands throughout the centuries. We are the only ones who understood the laws they themselves operate, and come to accept their logical defiance in our pursuit of knowledge. However, this does not mean the rest of the world too will understand so readily as we have. History taught us how radically defiant we are of changes, of new thinking, of ideas that break previous established customs and logic that we know of. To those who think they do, will misuse their understanding.

This is why the New Dawn was formed. Our mission are as followed:

There is much the New Dawn Initiative can learn from these anomalies. Knowledge is everything. Knowledge is the key to understanding their nature, and the nature of how our universe works.

The advancement of our understanding comes from interacting with these entities. We are no stranger to mingling with the powers-that-be in the past, or of the powers left behind. But we do so now more than ever to continue our understanding.

Not all anomalies are docile, complacent or territorial. There are those that actively seek to harm humanity and the world in which we inhabit for whatever reason being. The deadliest and destructive of anomalies can do great harm to ourselves, and our assets. This also unearths an unfortunate situation where we must defend against our fellow man that seeks to hinder or destroy our progress. The New Dawn will make a great and many enemies and it must be our duty to put them down to ensure human is well protected.

Our duty is to the world. While we do not rely on any one government, we actively seek to work with them. But when push comes to shove, we must strong-arm them from doing something so foolish as to contain and utilize these anomalies for their own use. Anomalies they have no understanding of and will use carelessly. We do not keep anomalies just to safeguard the world, but save them from the world that could destroy itself just because someone thinks it can uproot their enemies.

Advancement and Growth:
Our primary, and absolute goal for the NDI is to ensure humanity’s growth and advancement. Both on a societal and technological level. We must ensure there will come a time where humankind will be reinforced mentally, physically and spiritually to come to terms with the world they do not understand. With the powers we hold, we will help guide them to new heights. This is our duty.

New Dawn Operations:
The NDI on the surface, is a Private Military Corporation headed by former members of the Freikorps. They act both as the cover, and response team in event of anomalous instances. They rush to secure and contain the instance and remove all traces of its existence from public eye. Our primary structure will focus on research and development, aided in the advancement and growth of resources and technological opportunities to advance humanity.

Research Protocol:
Our operations ensure that the establishment of vital assets responsible for the development of our organization and that of humanity is kept under scrutiny. This policy extends towards our partners such as those of the AEP Association. Should anomalies become more understood or show a lack of productivity, they will be handed off to the Association for more research and/or containment.

Security Protocol:
The NDI values the defense of humanity, the organization itself, its staff and all its assets. This idea also extends to information, as it could damage the foundation of society and incur pressure from world governments. The more we understand anomalies, the more at risk they, and our organization, will become a potential target. Which is why secrecy must be kept assured at all times, even when in cooperation with said world governments.

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