Blue Moon

What is the Blue Moon?

The Blue Moon is an organization composed entirely of children. Each child within the Blue Moon has at one point in their lives interacted with the titular “Blue Moon,” a mysterious entity that allegedly grants the wishes of said children. Wish granting generally results in the creation of an anomaly, though the way in which the anomaly manifests varies greatly. The Blue Moon creates artifacts that generally make use of anomalous cryogenics. In addition, anomalies from this group almost always bear a motif of a blue star or sphere.

The Blue Moon is composed of children that have banded together to work towards the stated purpose of “improving the lives of children everywhere.” They make active use of anomalies in order to further their goal. Because of the nature from which the organization obtains anomalies, they are exceptionally flexible. However, due to the majority of the organization’s dispositions, actions are rarely coherent and long-term goals are generally not realized. In addition, this childish outlook also means that the Blue Moon tends to be extremely temperamental and wildly unpredictable.

Where is the Blue Moon located?

The Blue Moon’s main headquarters are currently located within the Kuiper Belt on a minor planet designated 324/RPC. The surface of the planet consists of liquid streams and glaciers composed of water, ammonia, and nitrogen. 324/RPC is unobservable to mundane equipment.

The central hub for the Blue Moon is referred to as the Playground. The Playground takes on the appearance of a massive, gnarled bonsai tree growing atop a wooden barge. The structure slowly poles its way across the ever-shifting surface of 324/RPC, occasionally delving beneath the surface. Through anomalous methods, humans are capable of breathing in and around the Playground, and to a lesser extent, 324/RPC.

The interior of the Playground shifts day by day as rooms change according to the imagination of the occupant. The inside of the Playground allegedly contains an infinite amount of rooms.

Access into the Playground is allowed through stable portals, such as the one located near headquarters. However, children’s hiding spots, known as “hidey-holes,” can also lead to the Playground. However, this method is unavailable to most Authority members.

Who are the members of the Blue Moon?

No members of Blue Moon are physical adults. While some members of Blue Moon have been active for more than several centuries, the Blue Moon’s use of RPC-XXX located within the Playground maintains the youth of members. No adult individuals are allowed access into the Blue Moon or Playground. Sir Bubbles is the only notable exception to this rule.

The Blue Moon does not maintain an active military force within the Playground besides Sir Bubbles. However, attacks on the Blue Moon will generally lead to a Children’s Crusade, converting the entire Blue Moon into a vicious war machine.

In peacetime, the Blue Moon is ostensibly led by the Blue Robe. This role is bestowed upon the child with the greatest imagination as determined by their ability to shape different rooms and play make-believe. The Blue Robe holds no stated powers; however, our diplomats treat primarily with the Blue Robe due to the large amount of sway the position holds over the Playground.

How do we deal with the Blue Moon?

Currently, the Authority maintains friendly relations with the Blue Moon. The two (2) current diplomats for the Authority collectively have seventy-one (71) years of experience between them. The diplomats are currently the only Authority personnel that are allowed within the Playground.

Agreements are enforced by making a “Pinkie Promise” between Authority representatives and those of the Blue Moon. Pinkie Promises are marked by mental compulsions to obey the spirit and letter of agreements. Any infractions are known to the Blue Robe and thus agents are strongly discouraged to act against any Pinkie Promises.

The Blue Moon provides advanced cryogenic technology and logistical assistance. In exchange, the Authority is expected to retrieve potential recruits for the Blue Moon, hand over artifacts created by the Blue Moon if requested, and endeavour to follow the Blue Moon’s mission of improving life for children worldwide.

No current military action is planned against the Blue Moon at this time. However, contingencies in the case of an unprovoked attack or Crusade are outlined in document Blue Eclipse.

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