Miss Roses presubmission reports

Ruins. That's what the Site was now. Rose shook her head, and letting out a soft sigh, she walked forward into the main building. It looked like it had been abandoned for years, and given the nature of what this Site housed while it was in operation, that wasn't surprising. Still, it meant that she needed to be careful as continued her mission. Her footsteps echoed as she continued walking down the dirty hallways, looking nervously from side to side.

A crackle erupted over her radio. "Agent R-5, Status Update, please." Rose sighed a bit and rolled her eyes.

"Facilities empty, Command, looks like this place's been abandoned for years. Fucking ivy on the walls. I'm continuing to the main Data-Storage vault to retrieve the file."

"Understood. Enable your camera immediately."


With a soft sigh, she started fiddling with the expensive camera that was mounted onto her shoulder and grimaces when it slips.

"Agent to Command. I've got it ready. The feed working?"

"Affirmative, agent R-5. Please continue."


Rose let out a soft breath and continued walking. It was weird. This site was one of the biggest Noctis-enclosures there were, but there wasn't any sign of anything still being here. It was empty, and that had her worried.

From the info she had gotten, there was no Enclosure Breach. Signal disappeared for a little while and came back a few days later. Then, there was… nothing here. Nobody here. It was somewhat unsettling, but… at least it was safe. Well, as safe as a place like this COULD be. There was always an unknown factor involved with this kinda mission, going into a place that was affected by some sort of anomaly. Plenty of other agents had died doing this kind of thing. Speaking of which…

"Rose to Command."

"Yes, Agent?"

"Why didn't we send in an O-class for this mission?"

"No anomalies located, and this is extremely sensitive data."


Well… that answered it. Not her place to comment on how to do things. But seriously, they could've sent in a few O-class to scout the area first. Eh. Whatever. She was sure she could work her way out of anything that might pop up. If something bad pops up? BANG. She has her pistol on her and that'd make sure she wouldn't have to worry about it.

she continues walking down the hallways her head Swiveling around every so often making sure that she was able to get a good view of the place for the boys back in the lab had plenty to work with an analyze it may seem silly but they had Special Programs and stuff that could Find stuff that even some of the Most sensitive Phykers could not get.

as she was walking the air starts to get lighter as the soft fragrance of baked goods fresh candy and flowers start to fill the site.

"Rose to Command"
"we here you agent"
"there seems to be a change in the air. it smells nice.. to many scents for me to make exactly what they are.. hoooolllly fuck. are you seeing this?"

as Rose was talking the Floor became Smooth marble like one would see in the castle of someone's fantasies. rose continued to walk for a few moments before stopping her Audio feed had cut out. "oh dust in the devils handbasket.." she sighed pulling out the earpiece and shaking her head. with a soft sigh she continues walking. HOPEING the video feed was still working

as she was walking. a ghostly figure appeared. causing Rose to jump and move her hand to her pistol. as her hand hovered over it she noticed that it wasn't a gun… it was a dagger? in her moment of confusion, the ghost moved right in front of her. when the agent looked up she could see it slowly Gain from. gradually it filled out more and more slowly gaining a soft pale proclin like Skin. and Solid back eyes. this 'doll' had long back hair as well.

the doll looks at Rose for a moment and tilts its head before nodding slowly and in a strange manner
"follow" she spoke her voice sounding distant and empty and started walking almost Gliding over the floor rose could feel her heart beat fast and took a soft breath wondering what kinda anomaly this.. Doll was. was it the cause of this site becoming like this? or did the doll exist before the site was turning into this… barbie Dream castle

as they walked Rose noticed something rather distinct. the layout was Different. you think that it would be a 'no duh' and rose clearly felt the same. that should have been the first thing she noticed. with sigh she shakes her head. and looks at the doll and takes a breath
"so. where are we?"
"we are in her ladyships castle" it responded simply as it continued walking

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