— Operation: The Handyman Can —

Operation ID#: O-113

Operation Objectives: Eliminate enemy personnel, ensure all targets are eliminated.

Operation Introduction: The latest contract is sending you to China. We've been paid to kill 17 people, all of which hold vital information to ████████ Industries. Said information is not to leak, otherwise we won't be paid in full.

All targets are in ████████ Industries' offices, team A will enter the building from the front as handymen. Team B will initiate a blackout protocol on the city, the time window will be 1 hour.

Eliminate the targets as discreetly as possible, they can be found afterward, but do not leave any forensic evidence of yourselves. According to intelligence, they are all in the same locked off room, so witnesses shouldn't be a problem.

Event Log —

Date: 03/12/198█
Time began: 10:43 AM

10:43 - Team A is sent in, and successfully infiltrates the building.

10:43 - Team B initiates Blackout Protocol.

10:43 - Team A enters a elevator, making it's way towards the target room.

10:43 - Team A exits the elevator.

10:43 - Team A arrives at the room, but it is guarded by a secretary.

10:43 - Sergeant ██████ distracts the secretary by flirting with them. Team A enters the room.

10:43 - All 14 targets are in the room, team A pulls out their silenced weapons and fires upon them, all of them are eliminated.

10:43 - Team A checks every target's pulse, and takes photographs of the deceased.

10:43 - Pvt. █████ takes files from the scene.

10:43 - Team A exfiltrates the building, Team B stops Blackout Protocol

Closing Statement: The Operation was an astounding success. Team A and B performed excellently. Our contacts in the PAP (People's Armed Police) say there was no evidence, besides gunpowder, bullets, and the bodies. They can't link anyone to it based on that alone.

All operatives involved will receive a raise in pay.

Addenda-O-113-A: Collected Files

Foreword: Due to the files collected during Operation: The Handyman Can, there has been some civil unrest among staff. These files are being displayed because of certain uprisings that have taken place. As you read these just remind yourself that we do these contracts to play the bills.

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