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"Captain, we have been at this for months… What if there are no more left?"
"Nonsense, the enemy is out there somewhere, I can feel it…"
"But where sir? It's not like they have left us for another dimension, right?"
"What is it sir?"
"That's it! That's where the enemy is!"
"What are you-"
"Another dimension, my boy. That's where those dastardly scalawags have gone. We just have to go and find them."
"I'll take your silence as approval."
"But sir-"
"I know, I know, we can't all go. Some of us have to stay home in case they try to double back on us when we head out after them."
"Don't worry, I'll be here when you get back."
"Oh, how foolish of me, what was I thinking?"
"Thank you, sir-"
"You can't go, you don't know the first thing about dimensional travel, I'll go. You hold down the fort until I get back."

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