Item ID: AEP-089

Enclosure Designation: Oriens

Adaptive Enclosure Procedures:
AEP-089 is located in [DATA REDACTED], Southern California, directly on the San Andreas fault. The Anomaly is contained approximately 170 kilometers from the nearest road. AEP-089 is completely contained inside of the Site-319 limits. Any unauthorized personnel or civilians that stumble across AEP-089 or the Site are to be administered Grade-C amnestics, then released. Due to the nature of AEP-089, all requests to explore the anomaly must be made to the Board of Directors, via the Site Administrator. Any personnel above Grade-2 Personnel require an A.R.T. to accompany them while exploring AEP-089.
AEP-089 was discovered in 1878, by Explorer XXXXXX Martin. The temple was converted into a museum in 19██, but began to exhibit anomalous behaviour, in 19██. In 19██, the museum was shutdown, and staff Jonathan ████████ and Jack ████████ were lost for hours inside of the museum. The incident was reported after they were found, and local Association agents reported the strange activity to a Regional Administrator.
AEP-089 appears to be an intact relic of Mayan origin, presumably a temple. The stone brick exterior of the temple has unknown carvings etched into it, which appear to be some sort of alphabet or numeric system. Association Researchers are still attempting to discern the meaning of the carvings. Upon entering AEP-089, the interior resembles a hallway, with walls composed of stone, pressed into bricks. There are also small plaques, containing information about the temple.
Upon entry, the interior of the temple changes, with new corridors appearing in different places. Radio signal becomes more distorted the farther the subject walks into the anomaly. Current research suggests that the interior layout is based upon the group's average intelligence quotient, or IQ. AEP-089 disorients those who enter it, although there is no evidence to suggest why. Upon entering alone, Dr. ███████ became lost, and returned through the exit approximately 12 days after his entry, extremely emaciated. Consequently, all personnel entering must be accompanied by a E-Class Personnel with an IQ of less than 60. Although it is possible to find the entrance after entering with a high IQ, the level layout is much more complex than when someone with low IQ enters, making it a lot easier to enter and exit. Curiously, when the same person enters more than once, the layout is retained.
As soon as contact is lost with outside sources, the subject will begin to hyperventilate, and move throughout the maze-like interior rapidly. Although they may see the exit, they will continue to move throughout the interior of AEP-089 until they are too tired to proceed. Those with extremely low IQ have found the exit immediately, on several occasions.

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