AEP-094 "Channel Of Sorrow"


Still image of AEP-094-2

Item #: AEP-094

Object Class: Oriens

Adaptive Enclosure Protocols: AEP-094-2 is to be maintained in a soundproof Alpha class containment room, unplugged from the electrical systems of the facility. The only AEP-094-2 instance is currently on Site-██.
Pregnant Association personnel and infants less than 6 months of age are prohibited from entering the containment room, with the exception of D-Class for testing. Any television set is to be kept at least 50 meters away from AEP-094, to prevent the same effects manifesting in other televisions (See Incident #1), but, this is not a guaranteed way of restricting the AEP's ability to affect televisions outside of this range. The AEP's area of possible effect is likely larger than the maximum area of effect that has been observed. It is believed that the phenomenon constantly changes it's range, due to this, tests are made monthly to monitor the changes in range.

Description: AEP-094 is composed of 3 distinct anomalies, labeled AEP-094-1, AEP-094-2 and AEP-094-3.

AEP-094-1 is a TV channel, with the registration name of [REDACTED]. AEP-094-1 has the ability of "spreading" to nearby TVs, the range of this ability varies randomly as AEP-094-3 instances appear. Anomalous properties manifest when a tv is tuned to AEP-094-1.
The television set; Hereafter referred to as AEP-094-2, will begin to generate white noise and static. When this noise is heard or the static is seen by anyone currently pregnant, the noise and static will change to an image displaying children running around a campfire in a forest and a sound of soft music which has been identified as soothing to listeners. Said children are also heard speaking in an unidentified language. After approximately 1 minute of viewing AEP-094-2, the viewer will suffer from a miscarriage, with several severe side effects, including, but not limited to: intense pain, internal bleeding, vomiting, and death. Infants younger than 6 months, introduced to AEP-094-2 will simply disappear and a new instance of AEP-094-3 will generate.
After this process, a new child or fetus will appear on the screen, now designated AEP-094-31; each time someone suffers from the effects of it, a new child, exactly like the one who disappeared, will appear on AEP-094-2; All AEP-094-3 instances appear on the channel, no matter the TV where the channel was tuned. They also seem to age as time passes with AEP-094-2 turned on.2

Recovery was made when the town of ██████, Massachusetts, in ██/██/██86, reported 11 miscarriages, with 9 of them bringing death to the mother; at the same time, 3 newborn infants disappeared. The investigation found that [inster goi] had acquired the anomaly and used it as a hazard. Association agents were deployed, terminated the [insert goi] operatives and administered the proper amnestics; a cover-up story of water poisoning and a gang shooting was made.

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Item ID: AEP-008


Photo of AEP-008-1

Threat Classification: DIM-03

Enclosure Designation: Noctis

Adaptive Enclosure Protocols:
The entire perimeter of AEP-008-01 is to be under constant surveillance and to be guarded by no less than 20 ADF at any given time. Any unauthorized personnel who enter AEP-008-3 are to remain at the island at the Breinsfeld Enclosure-Shelter until AEP-008-2 manifests again.

Any entity who appears out of AEP-008-2 occurs is to be captured, studied and terminated, with the exception of PRaD personnel, who should be secured, interviewed and returned to AEP-008-1 when AEP-008-2 manifests.

Due to the risks of having unknown anomalies enter through the dimensional rift, the G5 Council is currently deciding as to whether or not AEP-008 should be reclassified to Noctis. The G5 Council approved reclassification, because of the risk of non-Association groups discovering the anomaly. See Addendum for more information on this decision.

Addendum: Association researchers are to monitor seismic activity in nearby areas of AEP-008-1, due to recent events were after AEP-008-2 occurred, 2 earthquakes, of magnitude 2.1 and 1.5 happened in the Madeira island. The Azores Islands have also recorded a great deal of activity with over 100 earthquakes recorded in the same period. Although very small, the largest was 3.6 on the Richter scale.

AEP-008-1 is the designation given to an island located in █████████, approximately 72 miles off of Florida. AEP-008-1's anomalous properties manifest in a monthly event, designated AEP-008-2, which instantly warps the entire island to an unexplored dimension, known as AEP-008-3. In AEP-008-3, documents were found which detailed a corporation named the PRaD Institute4, similar to the Association, but that specializes in destroying anomalies.

It is speculated that they created AEP-008-1 as means of communication between our dimension and theirs in case they suffered a ZI-Grade Enclosure Breach. At this moment, 74 PRaD personnel have been discovered, with 28 of them alive and in condition of speech. The Association has also found a PRaD "Area", from where the documents and personnel were retrieved. Further exploration of the area is prohibited, due to hostile anomalies in the Area and major risk of loss of personnel. (See Exploration Logs.)

PRaD personnel were very cooperative with the Association, describing some anomalies found in the Area. They explained that the PRaD not only specializes in destroying anomalies but does so for profit. Additionally, 147 organisms were found in AEP-008-1. None of these organisms are deadly to humans, except certain animals when provoked.

Recovery was made when the Association noticed seismic activity emanating from AEP-008-1. When non-Association researchers first explored the island, over ██ disappeared in a month, studying AEP-008-1. When ART Foxtrot-V "Rift Walkers" was deployed, 4 agents were lost, while one successfully escaped AEP-008-1 along with 5 PRaD Personnel. This was the first documented instance of AEP-008-2. This led to the creation of the temporary Site-54 and the previously mentioned Breinsfeld Enclosure-Shelter.

Value assessment: Due to connection with AEP-008-3, the Association and affiliates may advance in technology through AEP-008-1. This anomaly is very important to the Association, and should be mantained, not only for the protection of humanity, but for its advance.
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Item ID: AEP-043

Enclosure Designation: Oriens

Threat Classification: PHYS-01

Adaptive Enclosure Protocols: AEP-043 is to be put in a glass pyramid, or otherwise will trigger its anomalous effects.

Description: AEP-043 is a stone tablet with engravings in Hebrew, these engravings translated reveal the first part of the 10 Commandments. Carbon datings reveal that AEP-043 dates back to, approximately, 1530 B.C.
AEP-043 anomalous effects manifest when an adult enters the 5-meter radius of AEP-043. When this happens, AEP-043 anomalous effects will begin in this radius, once the adult is close enough, AEP-043 will make a rain of holy water.

Value assessment: AEP-043 can be used as a method for infinite water

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