The Association maintains and operates a large number of facilities worldwide, from outposts with only a handful of staff to major Sites with thousands of personnel.

What are Outposts?

Outposts are non-permanent and/or small Sites, often used as forward operating bases (FOBs) by A.R.T. or Association researchers. Outposts are usually away from civilian populations, but may be in sight under disguise.

A.R.T. Operations Outposts

A.R.T. Operations Outposts are well-equipped FOBs located in areas of Association interest. An A.R.T. Operations Outpost contain an armory, barracks and an infirmary. If needed, more buildings may be constructed to fit the needs of the outpost, such as fortifications or landing areas for aircraft.

Observation Outposts

Observation Outposts are small facilities established in a multitude of locations worldwide, often limited to small standalone buildings or single units within larger buildings, Observation Outposts are typically used to monitor regional communications for flagged content, as well as monitor nearby Association facilities. Many Observation Outposts are also used as secure communications hubs or safe-houses for Association personnel.

Research Outposts

Research Outposts are non-permanent or small facilities made for research in an area. Research Outposts are most commonly used in extreme climate regions or in strategic areas that allow for research.

What are Sites?

Sites are covert facilities, often disguised from the public eye under government or corporate fronts. Sites are often built in locations in relatively close proximity to civilian populations, where facilities would require such cover. Specialized Sites, however, may require certain locations.

Enclosure Sites

Enclosure Sites are sites that contain AEP anomalies. Enclosure Sites are often built underground to hide Association operations and enclosure of anomalies.

O-Class Holding Sites

O-Class Holding Sites are Sites that are used for the holding of O-Class personnel until they are transferred to a different Site or terminated. O-Class Holding Sites are often isolated and disguised as prisons.

Administrative Sites

Administrative Sites are Sites that administrative sites in their respective region. Administrative Sites are often the office of a G5 member.

Development Sites


Research Sites

Research Sites act as complexes dedicated to a field of research pertaining to the Association.

A.R.T. Sites

A.R.T. Sites are Sites that manage the housing, training and/or equipment of A.R.T. personnel.

Manufacturing Sites

Manufacturing Sites are complexes that produce products for the Association.

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