Flesh Navy


Asset-ID: A-111

Form-factor: Sentient

Threat Level: Red

Hazards: Aquatic Hazard, Cognitohazard

Active Procedures: [Paragraphs explaining the procedures]

Description: A-111 is an aquatic mammalian organism with a similar shape and size to the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier. All organs within A-111 are in the same place as, and operate very similarly to, the corresponding mechanisms aboard the Admiral Kuznetsov.

There are three vaginal openings on A-111's flight deck, corresponding to the number of launch positions on the Admiral Kuznetsov. These orifices produce instances of A-111-1.

A-111-1 are large flying creatures similar to the Quetzalcoatlus northropi, except they possess the anomalous ability to rapidly project fragments of bone from their fingers. They are also able to fly at speeds close to 1000km/h, and are highly resistant to machinegun fire.

A-111-2 are humans serving as the crew of A-111. Instances of A-111-2 are convinced that they are aboard a non-anomalous aircraft carrier. Identities of A-111-2 match those of naval personnel from various navies who were reported missing in action. Although possessing different identities and personalities, the instances share a common story as to how they were impressed into service aboard A-111. (See Addendum).

Addendum: Interviews with A-111-2

Interviewed: Juan Salazar - Corvette-Captain, Spanish Navy

Interviewer: Captain Vojko Davic - Drop Squad Naval Division

Foreword: Salazar was reported missing in action by the Mexican Navy in ███ after coming into contact with Somali pirates. He was discovered aboard A-111, and was interviewed by a Drop Squad agent stationed aboard the vessel.

<Begin Log, [00:01:45]>

Davic: Tell me how, exactly, you appeared on this ship.

Salazar: I fell overboard during an attack by Somali pirates, went adrift for a day, and then the Salvador took me aboard.

Davic: Salvador?

Salazar: Don't you know what ship you're on?

Davic: This is the Salvador?

Salazar: Yes, we are aboard her right now.

Davic: So, did anything unusual happen when they took you?

Salazar: No, Sir. It was the usual protocol for recovering missing persons, except for the coincidence that happened.

Davic: What happened?

Salazar: My superiors told me shortly after my rescue that I was reassigned to the Salvador as a midshipman, as my ship was destroyed, and the crew was all dead.

Davic presents documentation.

Davic: It says here the patrol boat of which you were captain only sustained minimal damage, and most of the crew survived the attack.

Salazar leaves as Davic reads the documentation.

Davic: Salazar? Where'd he go?

<End Log, [00:03:15]>

Closing Statement: That was awfully rude of him. -Dr. Davic

Interviewed: Ge Vanderhoek- Lieutenant, Royal Netherlands Navy

Interviewer: Captain Vojko Davic - Drop Squad Naval Division

Foreword: Vanderhoek's submarine cabin was flooded in the Baltic Sea in the year ███ due to a large breach in the hull.


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