Edd Evergreen

Irregularity #: IO-097

Codename: Little Buddy Blue

Irregularity Class: Albus/Viridis/Flavus/Aliquam/Rubrum (indicate which class)

Details of Containment: IO-097 is to be stored in a 10m by 10m cell with at lest 85m from any wall to another room where another human would resien, 24-7 CCTV servalnse cameras are to be monaterd regally. IO-097 is to also be left in the care of a single guardian with no mental disorders, enhancements or specialized training of any kind. IO-097's guardian is not to be treated as a D-class whether originally one or not. They are to be given a healthy diet delivered by cover belt as well as books, a TV, a radio and other items that are requested to a reasonable degree, this is to keep the guardians morale high which will affect the morale of IO-097 as well. If IO-097's effects go biond the Perelman of the cell all are to evacuate ecsept for one who will attempt to cram IO-097 by any mans necessary.

Description: IO-097 is a single male Little Buddy Blue doll manufactured by the arasona Little Buddy Blue factory in 2007. IO-097 has no visabull damage besides the lac of the left leg wich was baleved to be riped off juring the first IO-097 insadent.

IO-097's anomalis effects are as followed if any two humans get within the range of IO-097 they will ingage in combat using rocks, guns, sowing nedells and any other item thay can get ther hands on to kill the other pepel within the effects of IO-097, effects contine indefanetlly. The last man standing will then cradel IO-097 as if it was a real child feeding it as well as bathing it wen its quote hungree or smelly this will not take presadent over the subjects wellbeing conpletlly as the subgect will eat drink and bathe as well even if IO-097 is "hungree" subgects will still finis what there doing in a ordally maner before thay atend to IO-097. Note the anomallis effects onlly seem to be inherent to the current parts ataced to IO-097 body its unatached left leg is discibe as dead by all IO-097 gardens.

The range of IO-097 differs between its mood wich are as followed listed as the aporsamashons of the effect range obseved by seviver of IO-097 insadense.
happy: 20-25m
sad: 40-50m
angree: 45- 48m
content: 30-37m
lac of gardien: 500-600m
pain: 80-100m
scard: 90-200m

Additional Note #: It is baleved to be the removell of the left leg that cased the anishel IO-097 insadent as well as its anomalles effects actavashon.

Proposal of Destruction: No reasonable distuson means have bin sagested by any member of staff out of fear of the anomallis afects becoming out of hand in the actavashon of an ixstreen pain mood wich could thieretically have a range of 200-500m range.

Proposal of Usage: No propose sagesten besides a joking comment to throw it in to rusha by 8:50-pm.

Proposal Verdict: Any distushon or usege is seen as to riskiy.


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