Drop Therapy

Item ID: AEP-011

Enclosure Designation: Meridiem

Threat Classification: DIGI-01


AEP-011, prior to containment.

Adaptive Enclosure Protocols: AEP-011 is to be hung in the center of a 14 x 14 x 5 meter room. Anything electronic brought within 10 meters of AEP-011 outside of testing should be destroyed to prevent spreading of AEP-011-1. Only Division-II personnel or higher are allowed to enter AEP-011's enclosure.

Description: AEP-011 is a pendant light that is designed in a fashion that appears to date to the late 1800s. AEP-011 does not contain a bulb of any kind, yet is capable of producing a source of light around 850 lumens in strength. This is the least important of AEP-011's anomalous properties, however.

AEP-011 is capable of manipulating technology within a 10 meter radius through unknown means, altering any data obtainable. AEP-011's alterations to text, images, and audio typically involve a message advertising a place only known as "the Alternate Reality Subconscious" typically overwriting the original data completely. The alteration (hereby referred to as AEP-011-1) has been observed to spread to other forms of technology with great speed.

AEP-011 was discovered after a civilian noticed a complete alteration to all of the files on his computer. This was brought to the association's detention via [DATA EXPUNGED] and Grade-A amnestics were administered. All files on ████ ███████'s computer were later restored.

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