Carnivore Cantaloupe

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Asset-ID: A-XXX

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: A-XXX is to be stored on a flash drive in an undisclosed strongbox at Site-02. Under no circumstance is any personnel to be allowed access to this strongbox unless they have Level 4 clearance or higher. In the case that a copy of A-XXX is found on the internet, Initiative web crawlers are to take down any links, and attempt to search for and identify any machines and individuals that are in possession of the software.

Description: A-XXX is an illegitimate, unlocked copy of Adobe Photoshop (4.0 Edition). The exact origins of the cracked program and the entity that created it is currently unknown. Data mining into A-XXX’s code and comparing it to a legitimate copy of Adobe Photoshop reveals no differences that could endow A-XXX with its properties other than the free functionality provided by it.

Anomalous effects surface once a user of the software manipulates a photo using the program and then saves it. Upon doing so, a reality-warping spatial anomaly is put into place. In all current tests performed by the Initiative, it appears that the effects of the manipulations done while using A-XXX seemingly, as described by Dr. Beri, “make the photo a reality.”

Addendum: On 3/14/2013, Initiative web crawlers encountered a copy of A-XXX on an online file-hosting service. The link and the machine involved was intercepted and put out of commission along with the file hoster. However, there appeared to be a picture on the machine depicting what appears to be an enemy of the file hoster in a situation in which they would inevitably die.

A-XXX Photo: A picture of a coworker of the file hoster with a poorly photoshopped image of a piano above their head.

The individual’s demise was later on local news stations as they had been crushed to death. Seemingly, a grand piano of a local elderly couple’s home had been launched out of their home by a boiler room failure, tore through the roof of the elderly couples’ home, and landed on the person pictured in the manipulated photo.

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