Item #: A-103

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: A-103 is to be thoroughly decontaminated on a weekly basis by Class-D personnel until all of its anomalous properties have been neutralized. Class-D personnel must wear biohazard protection equipment at all times during the decontamination process. On a monthly basis, A-103 must be inspected by research personnel to assess the state of A-103's sterilization. Unsupervised inspections of A-103 are strictly prohibited.

Any personnel exposed to the atmosphere of the chamber comprising A-103 must be quarantined in the Biological and Chemical Sector of Site-002 and have a sample of cerebrospinal fluid extracted for analysis. Any Site-002 personnel exhibiting symptoms correlating with biological or psychological contamination by A-103 will be relocated to Site-187, pending observations of its long-term effects.

Description: A-103 is the former containment chamber of a neutralized anomaly (previously designated as RPC-███). It is a 5m x 5m observation chamber in the Alpha Sector of Site-002's Containment Wing. In the center of this chamber is a cylindrical glass viewing tank previously occupied by RPC-███.

The atmosphere of the chamber is comprised of a gaseous compound that sublimated from RPC-███ upon its neutralization. Exposure to this compound results in victim experiencing feelings of relaxation and euphoria accompanied by vivid visual and auditory simulations, followed by [DATA EXPUNGED].

The following is an excerpt from a memo posted by Site-002 Administration on 5/21/20██:

To answer a few misconceptions regarding A-103:

  • No, the atmosphere of A-103 is not a harmless curiosity.
  • Yes, trespassing in the chamber of A-103 will result in indefinite relocation to Site-187.
  • Yes, our efforts to sterilize the sector are seeing progress.
  • No, personnel previously involved with containment of the formerly-designated RPC-███ have not been terminated.
  • No, you may no longer participate in the Anima Procedure. Stop asking.
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