A painting of AEP-XXX recovered from ████ Indonesia, estimates place the paintings age at 1815.

Item ID: AEP-027

Enclosure Designation: Meridien

Threat Classification: ANOM-02

Adaptive Enclosure Protocols: AEP-027 is to be enclosed in a standard humanoid enclosure cell at Site-███ Floor 3█ during curfew hours. This enclosure is to be equipped with a desk and musical artistic tools1 to ensure instances of AEP-027-X can be retrieved and recreated through proxy music artists that work in the AEP as Class-Z personnel. AEP-027 is allowed to leave enclosure with accompaniment of at least 1 member of ART Bravo-11 "Wolf Gang", and may spend his time in the Class-B personnel break room. AEP-027 is allowed to accept song requests as long as the song is not a direct or derived instance of AEP-027-X.

Instances of AEP-027-X are to be stored in a filing cabinet locked in the Musical Wing of Site-███, to be reviewed and altered by members of personnel with musical potential to avoid accidental manifestations of AEP-027's anomalous effects. Unedited instances Any sheet music too closely resembling an instance of AEP-027-2-X2 are not to come within 10m of AEP-027-A. All sheet music entering Site-███ must be approved by ART Bravo-11 "Wolf Gang" before entering the Site.

Description: AEP-027 is a sapient bipedal goat humanoid with human appendages and an otherwise goat-like body. AEP-027 is an avid musician that constantly carries a violin wherever it goes (which is to be referred to as AEP-027-A after seven days of being in contact with AEP-027). AEP-027 has shown consistent willingness to help the Association over their time in enclosure.

AEP-027 will, approximately twice a year, enter a state it refers to as "the creative wrath of true art being crafted from nothing." This state, hereafter referred to as Creative Wrath, lasts about two hours. During this time, AEP-027 will begin to compose a piece of music (which is to be referred to as AEP-027-X) and will change personalities drastically, becoming incredibly violent toward anyone that disturbs "the creation of a masterpiece." AEP-027 has been recorded to brutalize anyone it finds disruptive to his creative process during this time. Immediately after his Creative Wrath, AEP-027 will take AEP-027-X and gather an audience of at least 10 humans before playing AEP-027-X live to them all.

When an instance of AEP-027-X is played by AEP-027 with an instance of AEP-027-A, a world-shaking catastrophe will occur within 72 hours of AEP-027-X being completed. AEP-027 will dwell in a state of depression during this 72 hour period, and shows incredible remorse for the resulting catastrophe. AEP-027 will never play the same instance of AEP-027-X twice, as it cannot stand to cause similar catastrophes to happen twice. Catastrophes created appear to correlate with the title given to the respective instance of AEP-027-X. For example, AEP-027-1 "Gaea's Blazing Rage", is reported by AEP-027 to have caused the Eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815.

Recovery Log: AEP-027 was discovered on November 1st, 1929, after reports of a goat humanoid performing live in a back alley in ██████, New Jersey. AEP-027 complied to detainment and was taken to Site-███ for an interview. AEP-027 worked with personnel to identify his anomalous properties, and relinquished all assembled instances of AEP-027-X to the Association for study.

Incident Log:

Interview Log:

Value Assessment: AEP-027 is a talented musician, and music it produces can be useful in providing the Association with additional funds if music produced can be properly changed to prevent catastrophic events.


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